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Fernando M Ribeiro
Managing Partner 

PHERCOH origination as a company has a lot to do with self-development. Even its name owes to the paths of such a process. It started with my own search for purpose and for self-knowledge. 

The name itself comes from the three macro-stages I had to go through while reassessing my life. 

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Step 1

Get to know yourself; what makes you tick; what energizes you; how you take in information; how you process it; and how you organize it. Get to know your beliefs around conflict, team management, and how you put yourself out there and how you cooperate with others. 

Then, understand and embrace your humanity: mistakes, heuristics, cognitive dissonance, unconscious biases, reciprocity, kinship - there are part of our brains and of the way we were wired. Rather than fighting against them, learn how to integrate them. 

That is the first step: psychological and human education (PHE)

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Step 2

Embrace yourself. Rather than trying to be someone you are not and mitigating your weaknesses, take the opposite route: recognize your strenghts, own them, leverage them - accept them and adapt them so that you can win the game honoring ethics and rules.

The worlds of sports, music, and entertainment are full of examples of great individuals who learned to recognize their strengths to accomplish amazing feats. 

That is the second step: redirect your capabilities (RC)

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Step 3

Take the reigns of your life. We often fail, and that's alright as long as we use each failure as a learning opportunity. Problems arise when we use failure as an escape valve to find blame, to finger-point, to criticize those who manage to do what we can't.

Learn and understand what you can control and what you cannot. Take ownership of the things you can control and hold yourself accountable. When things don't turn out your way, ask yourself - with compassion - "what can I do differently next time to increase my chances of success?"

For years in my professional life, nothing was my fault. Bad relationships at work? My boss's fault. Couldn't get a deal approved in a risk committee? Too bad they don't understand a word of what I say. 

My life changed for the better when I stopped complaining about others and their actions and started focusing on the things I could do to make my life better. 

That is the third step: you can't go back and make a new beginning, but you can start making a new end. TODAY. Change your own habits (COH).

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