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Self awareness if the first step to any transformation

Change of
Own Habits

Psychological & Human Education

Level up basic understanding of how humans usually react to different situations at work, in groups, or individually

  • Understand basics of group formation; cooperation and competition; attributional styles; obedience and compliance; motivation factors; perspective taking

Redirection of Capabilities 

Develop and map an individual’s skills and abilities and how to best leverage them in different settings

  • Transform subject points into objective ones

  • Focus on strengths and innate abilities as main leveraging points

  • Attenuate weaknesses while developing strengths 

Create a sense that any change starts from oneself and his/her attitudes and how such attitudes influence the network around

  • Identify and clarify hidden beliefs and how they intricately drive behaviors

  • Establish a new, meaningful vision for individuals and companies

  • Create new beliefs and behaviors that will generate an upward spiral of constructive behaviors that lead to better outcomes (job satisfaction, happiness, sense of self-actualization, results, client perception)