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On talent

I am the pain you can’t see; I am the runner up that never tasted victory, I am the underdog who goes around trying to find its place under the sun; I am the victory that never came; I am the hope that never suffices.

I am the armless man who desperately wants to hug the world, I am the blind man who sees it all; I am the amputee with running thoughts; I am what I cannot be.

I am the applause after disbelief; I am the chance at 94; I am the brightness that kept waiting for its time to shine. I am the shy singer desperately willing to perform before a large crowd.

I am the burden on my shoulders waiting to become light.

I am the boring guy with nothing more than ordinariness waiting for recognition for my uniqueness. I am the invisible garbage man who laughs at you at a distance. I am the outcast who wants to be part of it all. I am the nerd who wants to be cool. I am the nervousness that hits us all when we feel vulnerable.

I am the shaky hands that hold you with firm love, I am the smile in your tears, I am the water in your laughter. I am the cry and the scream when all I want is to embrace you as a brother.

I am the disbelief turned into warming hope embracing your heart. I am the heart when all around is hardship. I am the beauty hidden under the hat for fear of showing up.

I am the Susan Boyle who makes you swallow hard your own preconceived judgments. I am the sheer talent that cannot be kept hidden forever. I am the humbleness that meets your cynicism with open arms.

I am the talent that lies all around; I am the precious stone waiting to be found. Talent is everywhere; talent is in you – just look inside.

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