Sometimes we find ourselves
in dark holes.

There is always light though.

We just need the tools to look
at the right places to find it. 



From training to coaching, a customized, structured approach to your needs.​

Your pace, your rhythm.

Your path


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Beliefs drive emotions; 

emotions drive behaviors. 

Diagnose your team's  current culture and envision a new one, uncovering the current beliefs while setting new ones. 

That is the way to drive change.


Top banks, private equity, and management consulting firms, pharma, retailers, and OEMs in Brazil and in the US.  

We bring together the forefront of strategy, finance, and psychology to combine them into important topics such as negotiations, consultative sales, and decision-making


Unleash your potential

Every man is in certain respects...

like all other men

like some other men

like no other men

(Murray & Kluckhohn, 1953)


A tennis player that never was. An engineer that hated structure. A banker who did not see value in what he did. A person that needed time to figure out what he was after and how to connect the dots of the different journeys he has gone through in his life. 

Life has its meanders, and knowing to navigate them with ease and compassion might just be an important asset. 

Maybe, just maybe, we can offer you a helping hand!

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